11 Must Have iPad Apps

The modern workplace is evolving and desktop computers will go the way of the dinosaur. That being said, tablets are not quite ready to be their replacements. However, there are some great apps that can make your tablet a very capable work device. Here is our list of must have apps for your iPad

File Viewer
  • GoodReader – If you are going to send and receive files on the ipad this is your first app. The native PDF viewer does not show mark-ups or let you make mark ups. Pretty much Adobe Acrobat X for your iPad. I work in construction and use it for storing and marking plans, and also viewing all sorts of files.

– There are several good ones to choose from

  • NotabilityNotability – This is my favorite and probably the best all around app for taking notes. The pen writes very fluidly and the interface is clean and simple. It has a very well done zoom to write feature, and you can add pictures and pretty much do everything you need.
  • Note Taker HD – This is the most robust of the notetaker apps I have used. It can do all sorts of things and gives you lots of additional functionality, but it comes at the expense of usability. The interface is a little clunky, and the pen is the worst of these three apps. Hardcore notetakers will appreciate all of the features this one includes.
  • PenultimatePenultimate – This app lacks some of the basic features that I have found indispensable on the other apps. Zoom writing is one of them, but the reason I includes this app is the pen has the most fluid feel of all of them.
Office Apps

– Most of these are fairly pricey. If you are going to use your ipad as a laptop replacement, or substitute, you need these. I have not found a really great word processor or excel app for the iPad. Apples own versions are two of the best.

  • pagesPages – From Apple, it’s a word processor that you can view word docs, create docs, and export them in Microsoft’s Office suite.  It has a few funky quirks about fonts and format that do not always translate very well from Microsoft, but once you get your templates set up, you should be good to go.
  • NumbersNumbers – Also from Apple, it’s excel on an iPad. You can create, edit, and export to .xml for Microsoft Office. Both of these are pretty expensive compared to others but could be worth it if you are going to use this as a laptop replacement.
  • ProcreateProcreate – If you are familiar at all with photoshop, you will learn this app in no time. It combines a great layout, all the layers and colors options you can think, of as well as export options for several different file formats. You don’t have to be an artist to love this app. I have used this app with layers and pictures to teach my little ones how to draw,(my 5 year old did the artwork for my pages). I also used it solely by itself to make the featured slider art for this post.
  • Sketchbook ProSketchBook Pro – This app has a lot of good features, but I managed to get procreate free shortly after getting Sketchbook Pro, and did not get very far into learning the UI. I did do several drawings and I think it is a good app, but there is a little lag when you get a lot of ink on paper, and I never really picked up on the UI.
  • eBayeBay for iPad – I don’t ebay as much as I used to but this app is done very well. While the fees have become prohibitive to sell on eBay, the functions for sellers are really top notch.  Search features are top notch and will let you customize your searches in every possible way, and even save searches for notifications.
  • AmazonAmazon Mobile – Another really well done app. I use Amazon as much for the reviews as anything. The search functions are legendary and pretty much everything you could ever want is on there.
  • FlipboardFlipboard – If you do RSS reading, have a Facebook or Twitter, this is flat out one of the best apps out there. This puts your google reader, and other apps into a really cool newspaper style layout that you can flip through. The layouts are all automatic, and all absolutely gorgeous.
Free Stuff

FreeappadayKeep an eye on the free section in the appstore. A ton of apps get dropped to free for a day, you just have to be watching. I keep an eye out for the good ones through TUAW, FreeAppaday and a few other sources. Even if an app isn’t good, but its knocked off from $2-5, its a good idea to go ahead and download them. As long as you get it free, you will never have to pay for them again, or updates. If you don’t use them just delete it, but your itunes account will always have it and you can download it again for free when and if its updated to something worthy.

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