7 Awesome Golf Cart Mods

This is my old hot rod golf cart. I did tons of modifications to it. It was fast and loud, definitely one of the sweetest rides on any course.

I used to love rolling up to the first tee in this old cart.  I installed lots of bolt ons, but also did some pretty heavy mods to it as well.  Unfortunately, I no longer have this cart or the truck that I matched it up with.  Real life doesn’t always let you keep your toys.  Hopefully I will get a chance someday on another one to show how I did some of these mods.  Just pictures for now, but leave questions in the comments and I can elaborate if you like.

Some of the mods I did were:In Dash Radio

  • Chrome side plates and steering column
  • Headlights and custom grill to match truck
  • Custom paint to match truck
  • Installed in-dash radio and speakers under seat
  • Chopped top and front window 3″
  • Custom wheels to match truck
  • DIY hacked speed chip


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