Make PVC Gym Rings For Crossfit

Gym rings are an essential part of a crossfitters gym. There are many different kinds of rings – from metal to wood to plastic.  They all have one thing in common – they are round, and pretty damn expensive. I set out to find and alternative and did.  Here is how you can make your own set of gym rings for less than 5 bucks. [Read more…]

Make A Portable Waterproof Speaker – Lifehacker Challenge Winner!

Here at we love a challenge! One of my favorite sites,, recently had a challenge to hack something with speakers. This is what we made for the win! Check out how to make it here! [Read more…]

FIRST Lego League Robotic Competitions

The FIRST LEGO League, also known by the acronym FLL, is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students (ages 9-14 in the USA and Canada, 9-16 else where.) [Read more…]

Make a Simple LED Greeting Card

UPDATE: Radioshack sent this out to 6 million DIY’ers and put us on the front page too!
Front Page
Project Page

This is a creative way to flex your nerd muscles in a greeting card.   I made this  for a Valentines Day card contest at the local Fort Worth Makerspace that was endorsed by Radioshack.   I just so happened to win the contest, too!  This card will be featured by Radioshack soon, but you can get the template here first,  and see all the steps so you can make your own! [Read more…]

Custom Built Bull Bar and Bumper

My buddy wanted to get a new bumper for his 05 Chevy 2500. The really cool ones come with a very high price tag. Using tools we had, plus some we made, we managed to build a pretty sweet bumper that rivals any of the ones I have seen on the road. [Read more…]

Bill-A-Ritas: Smooth Margaritas, Major Kick!

Once upon a time… I found a recipe for margaritas that didn”t have that tequila bite, making them easier to drink, of course. Then my husband took the recipe and LOOK OUT! We now have Bill-A-Ritas. [Read more…]

Custom Hitch Mount Bike Rack

I looked around for a inexpensive rack to mount my bike to my truck. I could not find anything that covered everything I wanted – so I made this one!

[Read more…]

Creative Card Holder from Office Supplies

I made this little card holder from just a few different office supplies. It is a cool conversation starter for creative business people. Check out how to make it!

Upcycle Floppy Disk for Pen Holder

Here is a very retro and cool way to make use of those old floppy disk you have hiding way back in the closet.
With a few simple steps you can have a unique way to keep all those unruly pens under control. [Read more…]