How to Create a Department Store Christmas Tree Look

Have you ever wondered why your Christmas tree never turns out like those at the big department stores? There are a few things that separate your tree from those in at Nordstroms or the like. Mainly, it has to do with size… as always, bigger is better. [Read more…]

Custom Hitch Mount Bike Rack

I looked around for a inexpensive rack to mount my bike to my truck. I could not find anything that covered everything I wanted – so I made this one!

[Read more…]

Creative Card Holder from Office Supplies

I made this little card holder from just a few different office supplies. It is a cool conversation starter for creative business people. Check out how to make it!

Upcycle Floppy Disk for Pen Holder

Here is a very retro and cool way to make use of those old floppy disk you have hiding way back in the closet.
With a few simple steps you can have a unique way to keep all those unruly pens under control. [Read more…]