FIRST Lego League Robotic Competitions

The FIRST LEGO League, also known by the acronym FLL, is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students (ages 9-14 in the USA and Canada, 9-16 else where.) [Read more…]

Christmas Tree Ideas Inspired by Make Mod Hack

Layla recently posted How to Create a Department Store Christmas Tree Look that has some great tips for decorating your own tree. Some of our viewers took her secrets and ran with it. Check out these awesome Christmas trees! [Read more…]

Christmas Card Holder Ideas

I love them as much as I loathe preparing them… The Christmas Card. They hang over you throughout the month of November like an albatross around your neck. You love getting them, seeing pictures of friends” kids from year to year and keeping up with old college pals. But what to do with them all? [Read more…]

How To Sew a Table Square

I have been shopping around for table runners and table squares.  The ones I found were not cheap, but they looked like something I could make myself.  Turns out they are, so  I just made one for a friend.  Here’s how you can make one too! [Read more…]

Bill-A-Ritas: Smooth Margaritas, Major Kick!

Once upon a time… I found a recipe for margaritas that didn”t have that tequila bite, making them easier to drink, of course. Then my husband took the recipe and LOOK OUT! We now have Bill-A-Ritas. [Read more…]

Santa Wish Bubbles… Make Some Magic!

Christmas brings many demands. I”m a huge fan of cutting corners where you can, with out compromising safety or anything important. If I can find a way to make some Christmas magic with out a huge amount of effort… I feel pretty smart. [Read more…]

How to Create a Department Store Christmas Tree Look

Have you ever wondered why your Christmas tree never turns out like those at the big department stores? There are a few things that separate your tree from those in at Nordstroms or the like. Mainly, it has to do with size… as always, bigger is better. [Read more…]

Creative Card Holder from Office Supplies

I made this little card holder from just a few different office supplies. It is a cool conversation starter for creative business people. Check out how to make it!

Upcycle Floppy Disk for Pen Holder

Here is a very retro and cool way to make use of those old floppy disk you have hiding way back in the closet.
With a few simple steps you can have a unique way to keep all those unruly pens under control. [Read more…]