Sony Smartwatch 3 Review **Update – battery, screen & GPS details

One of the latest devices in the wearable device forum is the Sony Smartwatch 3.  Sony is no stranger to smartwatches, but this is their first watch that is compatible with Android Wear.  This is the also the first Android wearable that sports GPS, and a TFT LCD Display.  I’ve had the watch a little over 24 hours and I think I can say with certainty this is the best smartwatch for outdoor loving, active people.  The Sony Smartwatch 3 is a keeper – here’s why.

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FIRST Lego League Robotic Competitions

The FIRST LEGO League, also known by the acronym FLL, is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students (ages 9-14 in the USA and Canada, 9-16 else where.) [Read more…]

Adonit Jot Pro and Jot Mini Review

One of the drawbacks of the capacitive screens we find on so many new devices is that a traditional stylus will not work. There are styli that work on these new screens but I haven’t found many that work well. Here are two of the offerings from Adonit – The Pro and Mini. [Read more…]

11 Must Have iPad Apps

The modern workplace is evolving and desktop computers will go the way of the dinosaur. That being said, tablets are not quite ready to be their replacements. However, there are some great apps that can make your tablet a very capable work device. Here is our list of must have apps for your iPad
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Specialized Camber Comp Mountain Bike Review

I got into riding again for the fun of it and also to get a healthy hobby. After I bought my first mountain bike ever (GT Avalanche),I quickly got hooked on mountain biking and realized that the bike I had was not the best for the terrain I preferred to ride on. So, I decided to get the Specialized Camber Comp [Read more…]

ZAGGfolio iPad Keyboard Case – One Year Review

If you are going to do any work on a tablet you have to have a keyboard. I have used several different keyboards and currently have had this keyboard/case combo for a little over a year. Simply put – it is a must have for anyone with an iPad. [Read more…]

Leatherman Skeletool and Bit Kit Review

Having a multi-tool with you is a really good thing. Some tools are big, bulky and have everything but the kitchen sink on them.  Others are smaller, but skimp out on tools.  Here’s what we think about the Leatherman Skeletool. [Read more…]