Make a Fish Tape With Bailing Wire

Add bailing wire to the list of must haves for any modern day McGuyver. There are so many uses for it in all sorts of situations. Here’s how to make a fish tape out of it. [Read more…]

Disposable Funnel From Paper Plate

I have funnels. They usually have grime, or left over brake fluid in them. When I need a clean funnel that won’t contaminate whatever I need to pour, this is what I do. [Read more…]

Use White Out Pen for Marking Metal

I like to work with metal. I don’t like trying to make clean, precise marks on it with traditional marking tools. [Read more…]

Quick and Dirty iPhone or GPS Mount

UPDATE: We received honorable mention for the Lifehacker McGuyver Challenge. See it here, along with some other great uses for rubberbands.

Heading out on short notice? If you are like me and don’t want a permanent mount for your vehicle, or change devices so often you can’t keep a mount current, this is for you. [Read more…]