Christmas Card Holder Ideas

I love them as much as I loathe preparing them… The Christmas Card. They hang over you throughout the month of November like an albatross around your neck. You love getting them, seeing pictures of friends” kids from year to year and keeping up with old college pals. But what to do with them all?

If you are like me, you end up with a pile of cards. A very messy stack that gets moved from the island, to the countertop, back to the island, depending on the occasion, of course. Well… here”s a couple of the fastest, greatest ideas to display your holiday cards ever. I can”t remember if I saw this on Pinterest or in Southern Living but here is what you need:

  • Some kind of cute ribbon, yarn, or this fuzzy type I happened to have on hand.
  • Pins or fancy paper clips – I apologize, I used to scrapbook & I seriously just had these cute tiny clothespins.
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • thumbtacks


I used my fuzzy string on this card holder. This was done in a matter of minutes… literally. If you are so lucky to have spice rack online casino shelves similar to those I have, just wrap the string around the door. Get crazy The Departments have noticed a significant increase in the number of health policies labeled as fixed indemnity coverage. and tie a knot or four to secure it. If you don”t have something to tie to, just use tape or thumbtacks in the edge of the door. You can also tie the ribbon vertically so it casino online doesn”t slide.


This is casino online one that Heather did for their door. It uses a wide burlap ribbon hanging vertically on the door and fancy paperclips to hold the cards on. If you have a bunch of cards or want to give some width to this design, just cheat a little and tape a few cards so they look connected to the other pictures you already have clipped on.

With just a few simple items and a little bit of time, you can get rid of that pile of cards, and put them on display for all to see. Either way shown here is great start, and I”m sure you guys can come up with more cool ways to display your cards. We would love to see what your ideas, too. I”m just glad I have some where to collect and show off all those cards we get over the holidays.

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