Christmas Tree Ideas Inspired by Make Mod Hack

Layla recently posted How to Create a Department Store Christmas Tree Look that has some great tips for decorating your own tree. Some of our viewers took her secrets and ran with it. Check out these awesome Christmas trees!

I have to admit, some of our viewers are also some of my people. The first three submitters have all had some personal lessons given directly from the master, so we have a head start. At our house, we decorated our own tree, but Layla did most of the ground work on it in years past. We have only tweaked it since. One of these years we will step out and start from scratch, but my theory is – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Below is our tree. As a guy, I find it hard to believe how much stuff you can actually put on a tree. I don’t know how they do it. Besides crossing your eyes a bunch, you apparently need to put as many ornaments on it as possible. Shiny, stringy things are never a bad idea either. Even after reading Layla’s post, I still don’t think I could decorate our tree very well. So, I’ll just let Heather take care of the decorations for now, and I’ll stick to hammers and nails.

This next tree is a giant. Since it lives in a house with vaulted ceilings, it towers 12 feet tall. It is a challenge to have a tree this big, look this good. It has lots of different style ornaments of all shapes and sizes. One thing that is important to making a tree your own, is incorporating decorations that pick up on your own styles. The birds, oriental flair, and blue highlights in this tree all draw from other decorations in the house. If you are looking for a classic tree, this is a great example.

The shape of a tree can also help further define the style of your tree. I find that fuller trees remind me of the classic tree, and skinnier trees lean more toward modern styles. It can be very hard to make a skinny tree look good. This one below looks great, and has a great new school feel to it. The colors are a little more neon, and the shapes are more acute. Both of these subtle things fit in with other decorations in this house, too.

Its just my opinion, but I think your tree should either stand apart on its own, or flow with other decorations in the area. I really like themed trees and over-the-top ones that make a statement, but you can never go wrong with classic trees. Here at MakeModHack, we have compiled quite a few original ideas to get you started. So, go get to work! We would love to add yours here, along with these great examples.  Shoot us an email, tell us how how you did it, and maybe we will feature yours too!

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