Custom Built Bull Bar and Bumper

My buddy wanted to get a new bumper for his 05 Chevy 2500. The really cool ones come with a very high price tag. Using tools we had, plus some we made, we managed to build a pretty sweet bumper that rivals any of the ones I have seen on the road.

Everybody wants a cool truck. Bumpers can be functional pieces of art that really make your vehicle stand out. I have built some winch mounts and rear bumpers and other things for my trucks in the past, so we decided to get together to make a bad ass bumper for him.

I took some measurements and pictures of his truck bumper and used google sketchup to make a model of the new bumper. Then we printed out what we had modeled to use as a template. We cut the template out of cardboard and attached it to his truck to get a feel of how it would actually look and mount up.

After we had the middle and main pieced fitted and installed we worked towards the outside of the bumper, modifying it first with our cardboard, then transferring that to metal so we would minimize waste and time cutting the metal.


The middle section is made from 3/16′ steel. We had to hire a shop to bend it for us. The rest of the bumper was made from 1/8′ steel and we used a home made brake to do those bends. We had the pipe bent at a shop as well.


Over the next few weekends we cut and fit everything until it was just right. My buddy then had it Rhino-lined and installed some lights to finish it off. It is one of a kind and something that always strikes up a conversation at the gas station.

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