Custom Hitch Mount Bike Rack

I looked around for a inexpensive rack to mount my bike to my truck. I could not find anything that covered everything I wanted – so I made this one!

The goals:

  • Make a rack that is quick and easy for me to load and unload
  • Has to be stable
  • Has to be secure
  • Tailgate needs to be functional for bed access
  • Gotta look somewhat cool – of course

This is actually the hitch mount bike rack V2.0. The first one used 1/2 bar bent to hold the wheels. It was not as stable as I desired, and was not symmetrical.

This one doesn’t bend. I used schedule 80 pipe bent and cut to receive the tires. The wheel holders do not interfere with the rims or derailers now. I have calculated the height of the tire holders to be just under the kneecap for optimal pain in the event of a collision with someone not paying attention walking around my truck. I think it is pretty cool looking, but it confuses the mess out of people behind me if the bike isn’t on it. I like looking in the rearview at red lights to watch people look crooked at it while they guess what it is.

I had previously thought that there was no way I would put an expensive bike behind my bumper. I didn’t want to put a $2k bumper behind my bumper. Now, I am reconsidering that statement as the new bike and rack is almost too cool looking to hide.

This is another project that I failed to take decent in-progress photos on, so you will just have to take my word on it. I know, I know, and I wont let it happen again.

I used a Harbor Freight pipe bender to bend the pipe, then cut the bent pipe in half to make the wheel holders. I used left over metal for the other parts and fit them all together to keep the height and spacing from the truck to keep the tailgate functional when the bike is removed. I used 1/2 bar to make the security loop and drilled holes in it to attach a real lock. Any lock is really just a theft deterrent, but I think this one looks a little more intimidating than your traditional racks.

I have also mocked up a google sketchup with telescoping features that adjust to fit any bike, so I may build that one day soon

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