Cut USB Cable Thumb Drive

Thumb drives are a great way to store your information, and small enough to keep with you at all times. Unfortunately, some of these usb memory sticks just arent cool looking or don’t have an easy or reliable way to attach them to things. This is a mod that is totally unique, and gives you a secure way to attach it to your key ring or EDC.

What you need:

  • Old USB cable – (bigger = better)
  • Thumbdrive – I used one like this.
  • Picture hanging wire
  • Exacto knife
  • Super Glue

Take your old cable and cut the usb end to the desired length.  Using your exacto knife, cut the rubber connector on the side of it where you can pull out the metal part.  When you pull it out, the wires will probably come with it.  This is what we want anyway.  Separate all parts and throw away the braided insulator that wraps the smaller wires.

Next, you will probably need to cut out some excess rubber on the inside of the connector to make room for your thumbdrive.  Take your time and use your exacto knife to get enough room in there.  Be careful not to cut through to the outside of the connector.  Test fit your thumb drive,  I dug out as much as possible to get mine to where it would stick out about as far as a regular usb cable does.

Now we need to get our wire for attachment ready.  Take your picture frame wire and wrap the ends around something similar to a screwdriver. Holding the wire near the screwdriver, start winding up the screwdriver. This will get you a tightly coiled single wire with a loop at the end. Using wire like the picture hanging wire will help keep the loops shape.

Start putting it all back together by threading the picture wire and other wires back through the original sheath.  Twisting all the wires together usually helps.  It may take some time, but you can do it.  Then, take all the wires and put it back through the connector.

Here is where the security of this cable comes in to fruition.  Wrap the end without a loop around the end of your thumbdrives ring.  You will want to test pull the wire so the length is correct when you pull the picture wire back to get the thumbdrive in the connector. Make sure you have a loop or two around thumbdrive and cut off the excess. The loop on the exposed end wont come loose. The other end wrapped on the usb, then held tight inside the connector will also ensure you never loose your memory stick.

Lastly, glue the connector shut.  I used super glue because I had some in my desk.  It dried quickly and seems to be holding up fine.  An epoxy or some other rubber cement type glue may work as well.  Put it on the key ring and you have a one of a kind USB memory stick to keep your stuff with you wherever you go.


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