Cut Your Keys for a Compact Key Keeper

I don’t like things in my pockets. Keys, fobs, and other things on a key chain add up quickly and can be a real hassle to put in and pull out of your pockets. I came up with a cool way to cut your keys down and make them take about half the space of a normal set of keys.

I have seen the multi tool key mods, but I have a good multitool already and didn’t really want to combine the two. All I wanted to do is make the smallest, most compact set of keys I could.

First, I took an old bike tool I had laying around and stole the sex bolts out of it. You can find some screws like this at your hardware store, but they will more than likely be flat head screws, but I wanted to use the star heads from the bike tool.

The next thing I did was line up the bottoms of my keys and clamp them in a vice to hold them. Next I drilled a hole just big enough for the screw to go through it. I put an old key that I didn’t need any more in there as well, to make the attachment to my key ring. It’s important that you leave as much of the key intact as possible so that it can still get into the key hole completely. It’s also just as important that you don’t drill to close to the edges where you don’t have enough key left around the hole to hold it on the screw.

Once you get the holes drilled, put the sex bolt through with small washers between each key. At this point I put the keys back in the vice and started whittling down the outside of the keys with a dremel to get it about the shape I wanted. Then, I used a bench grinder to square things up.

It’s a good idea to use locktite to make sure the screw doesn’t come apart. You don’t want to have to screw them together so tight that the keys won’t swivel easily. Now I have keys in a compact key chain that really helps with pocket real estate.

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