How to Create a Department Store Christmas Tree Look

Have you ever wondered why your Christmas tree never turns out like those at the big department stores? There are a few things that separate your tree from those in at Nordstroms or the like. Mainly, it has to do with size… as always, bigger is better.

I have a tree that has so few needles, I call it my “Charlie Brown Tree” because you can see right through it. Layer, layer, layer and you can make a 20 year old bare tree look like a show piece. Start with lights. LOTS of lights. Just stuff them in and cross your eyes. Add, move or take away as necessary. (I recommend crossing your eyes often, just for the record.) Lay out all the decorations you have, stand back and take a look and see what stands out. Take in what you see. Note the main colors, sizes, style, etc. Is it mostly one color or multi-colored? Is is nostalgic or modern? No matter what, your problem is probably size… yes, size does matter.

One of the basic mishaps is the size of the ribbon, your first layer. You should use wide ribbon, at least 6 inches, but be wary of those extremely wide ribbons without wired edges. The best ribbons I have worked with are those that are pliable with wired edges or the 6″ casino online plastic mesh. This is your back ground. If you use a very narrow tree, use three different width ribbons, 2-6″, layered smallest to largest, then knotted – say 1 quarter, half way The amount and variety of this are growing rapidly. and then 3 quarter spacing, and spread the ribbon in sections through online slots out the tree. Use that last bit for curling around and tucking in the bottom of the tree.

I recommend crossing online casino your eyes often, just for the record.

Next, plan on casino online picking up some large ornaments. If you have a casino pa natet color theme that stood out when you crossed your eyes earlier, go for some big ball ornaments in that color. Depending on the width of your tree, 5 or 7 should do. If you inherited a set of mercury glass ornaments from your grandmother that are the size of gumdrops, plan on using those as accents. The more the merrier.

A great idea is tucking the large ornaments, be it balls or snowflakes, candies or snowmen, into the open areas in the bottom of the tree. Here are your layers:

  • lights (cross your eyes and get them even-ish)
  • ribbon
  • big ornaments
  • plain ornaments (balls, your “eh” ornaments)
  • then layer the ornaments you love


Now we are ready for the icing on the cake. Beads, the tiny ornaments that clip on the ends of branches, garlands etc. Try running beads from the top of the tree straight down. It looks like a carnival.

Don”t be afraid to do something different each year. Pick up a totally different color of ribbon, or some different styles of balls and baubles. It keeps it interesting!


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