Make a Fish Tape With Bailing Wire

Add bailing wire to the list of must haves for any modern day McGuyver. There are so many uses for it in all sorts of situations. Here’s how to make a fish tape out of it.

I know you can use bailing wire as a fish tape without doing this. Its great because its so small it usually finds it’s way through insulation and other materials easily. Sometimes you need a little more strength to keep it from bending and this will take care of that for you.

Take a piece of wire roughly twice the length of what you really need. Fold it in half and wrap one end around a screw or stick it in a vice. Take the two ends and chuck them up in your drill.

Now pull the drill back to make the wire taught between the drill and screw. Turn the drill on and crank the wire to where you have them wound as tight as you would like. The tighter winds are usually stronger, to a certain point. It will kink if you go to far. When you are done you will have a strong wire with a handy loop on the end of it for attaching wires to pull back through.


You can also use this to bind a wire to things you want to hold down. Use it for hanging small items or holding things down or open. Be sure to let us know what you use it for!

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