Santa Wish Bubbles… Make Some Magic!

Christmas brings many demands. I”m a huge fan of cutting corners where you can, with out compromising safety or anything important. If I can find a way to make some Christmas magic with out a huge amount of effort… I feel pretty smart.

My first Christmas as a mom was a little stressful. We stood in the eternal line at the mall for a “Picture with Santa.” And, as you have probably predicted, my son screamed as if I was handing him over to Freddie Krueger. That was the last time I ever tried that. Didn”t even attempt it with child number 2.

I came up with (and I really did think of this, so maybe I am smart) Santa Bubbles! The kids write (if they are old enough) their names, the year and their Santa wishes. After adding a bit of “magic,” which in this case is long pieces of silver glitter. We tie them to the loop on their stocking and the bubbles send Santa their wishes… you are welcome for this bit of wisdom. 🙂

Here”s what you need:

  • Clear glass ornaments with removable hangers
  • Paper – I used velum casino online and red paper from online casino scrapbook scraps, but printer paper, construction paper, etc. – torn into thin strips. The tearing gives it that imperfect, homemade look.
  • Pens – black, silver… again, whatever you have on hand.
  • Glitter – I used mobile casino silver because it matched my red and white tree.
  • Some sort of ribbon or Another approach is based on mobile code where agents roam the network and carry the relevant data recovery with them. string to tie your loop onto the ornament.

Sit your kids down and explain Santa Bubbles, how they work, magic, etc. If they can, have them write their names on one piece of paper and the year on another. Then let them write individual wishes on other strips. Slip the strips of paper into the ornaments, and when all the kids are done, tell them it”s time to add the magic! Sprinkle glitter into the ornament and tie them to their stockings. My kids went nuts and LOVE the idea!

The good news for you is that if it breaks, you can reload it into another ornament. You can also see their “wishes” for years to come – to see how much they”ve grown. Like a little time capsule. And it is also extremely easy and cheap… Merry Christmas!

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