Remove Gear Window on MTB Shifters

Getting your cockpit set up correctly on your mountain bike can make a huge difference in the quality of your rides. Of course there are tons of things that you need to do to get dialed in, having your brake levers and shifters in the right spot is one of the most important things you can do. It can help eliminate hand fatigue and give you more control over your bike.

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Specialized Camber Comp Mountain Bike Review

I got into riding again for the fun of it and also to get a healthy hobby. After I bought my first mountain bike ever (GT Avalanche),I quickly got hooked on mountain biking and realized that the bike I had was not the best for the terrain I preferred to ride on. So, I decided to get the Specialized Camber Comp [Read more…]

Custom Hitch Mount Bike Rack

I looked around for a inexpensive rack to mount my bike to my truck. I could not find anything that covered everything I wanted – so I made this one!

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