Upcycle Floppy Disk for Pen Holder

Here is a very retro and cool way to make use of those old floppy disk you have hiding way back in the closet.
With a few simple steps you can have a unique way to keep all those unruly pens under control.

All it takes is:

  • 5 – 3.5 inch floppy disks
  • 12 – small zipties
  • cordless drill with 1/8″ drill bit

First thing you want to do is drill holes for the zip ties to go in.  In each corner measure about 1/4 from the corner, and drill holes.  You may want to change this measurement depending on the type of disk you have.  Mine had a square indention near most of the corners that I lined up my holes with.  Make sure you hold the corners of the disk because they can split and tear up easily while you are drilling.

After the holes are drilled, use zipties to connect the disks to each other at the corners.  Keep all the ties fairly loose until you get all them through the disks.  Start with the four sides and finish with the bottom disk.  Now that all your ties are connected and through the disks, cinch them up tight and you are good to go!

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