ZAGGfolio iPad Keyboard Case – One Year Review

If you are going to do any work on a tablet you have to have a keyboard. I have used several different keyboards and currently have had this keyboard/case combo for a little over a year. Simply put – it is a must have for anyone with an iPad.

When I got the first generation iPad I loved it. It has come a long ways and now I am on the fourth generation, but I have never gotten proficient with the onscreen keyboard. I tried many different keyboards and keyboard cases. Most worked ok, but never great. Some had good keys, but did not fit good. Others fit well, but the keys were rubbery and not very responsive. I bought the ZAGGfolio during my quest to find the best case.

The ZAGGfolio retails for $100. Pretty pricey, but you can find deals online and coupons for Best Buy, etc. I generally find that I get what I pay for and this is no exception to that rule. Besides just a couple minor drawbacks, this thing is absolutely worth the money. Especially if you do any amount of typing.

The keys on the keyboard feel almost like a real laptop. They are hard plastic and are very responsive. The spacing between the keys and the layout makes the smaller size very easy to get used to. I can type just as easily on the ZAGG as I can on a laptop. Some keyboards for the ipad use rearranged layouts and move keys to funky places but this keyboard keeps things in the right place. There is also a row of shortcuts on the top row that come in very handy.

The case itself is very solid. Made out of molded plastic, it holds the iPad very firm. When opened, the iPad sits in a groove of the keyboard and cantilevers the screen to hold it upright.  After a year of continuous use, I can say the iPad shows no marks or wear from the case or standing in the keyboard groove. The angle that the screen sits at is not bad at all and the case stays in the slot well enough to use in your lap. It also works perfectly on airplane trays to watch movies or type out an report.

When the case is open you can lay it out flat and draw, or play as normal. You can turn the keyboard off and fold the case back around on itself to be able to use it with one hand while standing, but I will admit I prefer not doing this. The case is best used when sitting on a surface.  I probably use it in the keyboard stand even while I’m standing more than I do with it folded around on itself.

The latch keeps the case together very well, but it is not really a latch. It’s basically a solid piece that you slide each side of the case away from each other to open. There is not much of a snapping action when closing it, but you get used to to the way it works. I think ZAGG had some trouble with their first generation cases breaking at the latch so they changed it. It has not failed me yet.

ZAGGfolios come in several different styles and colors. The colored cover I have has a sort of thin leathery feel to it. I have not worn any holes in it or scuffed through it even though it feels like you could. I got bored and drew on mine and if you plan to do the same to yours, it holds ink fairly well. One of my only complaints is that my cover started coming off near the edges.

I have glued it back in most spots but left the last parts to start pealing off loose for the pictures. This case was one of the first made and they may have fixed this issue since.

There are lots of colors for the covers, as well as different textures. I just got a new alligator skin case to match my boots. It’s pretty sharp and hopefully wears as well as the one I had. At work, I got the iPad users the black carbon version. It is pretty plasticky feeling and my least favorite of the ones I have seen. It is very durable though – my users are construction superintendents, so it gets tested in a pretty rough environment.  I have had one case come back broken. It was dropped perfectly on the corner of the keyboard side and managed to squish in enough to bust the keyboard up pretty good. It still worked but would have rubbed the screen on the iPad when closed. The iPad was unharmed, so it did its job protecting it.

The case pairs well every time, and plays nice when connected to multiple devices. The battery life is unreal. I bet I have only charged this thing 5 or 6 times over a year. No, I do not type everyday, but I do use it more than a few hours a week. It has a very good sleep mode that conserves energy, but comes right back on with a key press. When the battery does get low it does a weird double press thing that inputs like you pressed the key twice. It’s fixed itself when charged fully.

I really can’t say enough about this product. I have been using the heck out of mine, have 15 users that work on them everyday, and virtually no problems to speak of. If you want a slick case with an even slicker keyboard this is the one for you. Get over the sticker shock and get one. It is an exceptional product that has given me a full year of use without worry of it failing.

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